Training a Bernedoodle puppy requires time, patience, and constant work on the owner’s behalf. A dog’s training success depends highly on the owner’s discipline and knowledge. If you want to learn more about how to train a Bernedoodle puppy, then you’ll find this blog very helpful.

Training Basics

1. You should start litter box training at 3 weeks old. This skill offers a great advantage for potential owners who live in properties with no outdoor space.

2. At 4 weeks old, the pups should leave the whelping box and go into a playroom, where there is an outside door with a doggie door installed. The doggy door house training method offers a lot of freedom for the puppy to go in and out as needed to go potty outdoors. By the time the pups go home at 8 weeks, they have a great foundation on house training.

3. Between the 8 and 12 week mark, you should start training your dog with basic tasks such as sitting down, coming to you, and staying by using a dog treat as a reward. But remember, training takes patience and dedication. So don’t get frustrated if it takes some time before your dog starts doing these basic tricks.


We cannot emphasize how critical housetraining is after you acquire a Bernedoodle puppy. One efficient method to housetrain your Bernedoodle puppy is the puppy potty training triangle.

The puppy potty training triangle represents the three sides of the training which includes the crate, potty spot and playing area. Notice that crate is the only space where your puppy is unsupervised, making the other two areas (potty spot & playing area) supervised.

The lesson from the puppy potty training triangle is to be able to make your puppy eventually understand what’s the difference between their space, their potty spot, and their playing area. By this, your Bernedoodle puppy will be able to obtain obedience training but also independence.

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