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Miniature Tri Bernedoodles
Gabbi x Austin February 2022

Gucci x Austin March 2022

Blossom x Austin – May 2022

Standard Tri Bernedoodles
GoGo x Ransom – December 2021

Gabbi x Ransom – August 2022

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Training & Health

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All of the steps and training we take give our puppies such a good head start. Yes it’s more work for us, but we believe at the end of our 8-week journey we have done our best to make the puppies stronger, healthier, smarter, and more trainable. We believe these protocols are the best and the right steps to take for our puppies and puppy buyers.

We will introduce these training methods, and the puppies will go home with a good foundation, but you will need to continue the lessons as 8-week old puppies are too young to be fully trained.

Baxter & Bella | Housetraining Video
  • ENS Training- Early Neurological Stimulation studies have shown that stimulating a puppy early in its life gives the puppy a great head start on life. Dr. Carmen Battaglia explains it in more detail here in this short video. We think ENS training is great for puppies, therefore we have implemented this training into our program.

  • Puppy massage which socializes to human touch

  • Startle and recovering training at 3 weeks.

  • Early socializing training at 4 and 5 weeks.

  • Litter box training

  • Doggy door training

  • We introduce:

    • Collar and leash training
    • Crate training
  • Our puppies will go home with a strong sit command.

Health Guarantee

2-year Health Guarantee

There are a handful of breeders that offer a 2-year health guarantee; Berenedoodle Bliss is one of those breeders. We stand behind all of our puppies with a 2-year Genetic Health Guarantee! If your dog develops a genetic disease before 2 years of age, we reserve the right to have a second opinion from a veterinarian of our choice, and if both veterinarians agree, we will replace your puppy with a puppy from a current or future litter.

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Guarantee Details

  • Must see licensed vet within 72 hours

  • Puppies are fed high-quality food, probiotics, and vitamins

  • Dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks old

  • NeoPar shot at 4 weeks

  • DAPPL & Bordetella/Kennel Cough at 6 weeks

  • Does not cover virus or bacteria causing illnesses

  • Lifetime breeder’s support

  • Pets only, no breeding rights

Puppy Pricing


Deposit Information

A $515.00 non-refundable deposit is required to get on our waiting list. The deposit may be moved 3 times to a different litter before having to forfeit. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the puppy goes home. We accept PayPal for the deposit. PayPal does charge 3% to use their services. To pay the balance you may send a personal or cashier’s check; however, checks must be sent, cashed, and cleared 2 weeks before delivery. If you are picking your puppy up here at Bernedoodle Bliss we only accept cash on the day you pick up.


Please be flexible if possible with your gender decision. There isn’t any difference in how much the puppy will love you and your family or in their house and good behavior training.

If you are set on a certain gender and that gender isn’t available when it’s your turn to pick, no problem, we will leave you on the waiting list until the next litter.

Top Notch Care

We have spent many hours looking for dogs that came from health tested parents. Our breeding dogs are genetically health tested, and all came from a long line of healthy dogs. Along with the genetic health testing, they undergo PennHIP tests and OFA’s, which is why we feel comfortable giving our new puppy parents a 2-year genetic health guarantee.

They will have a great foundation on these very important tasks by the time you get them home. Your puppy will also come home with a strong sit command response, and we begin leash and collar training. Of course, these trainings will not be complete as the puppies are unable to perfect these tasks by 8 weeks old; however, they will have a good head start.

Our puppies are raised with Puppy Culture Methods- starting training at 3 days old with ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) until 16 days old.

The natural Bernedoodle temperament plus the minimal shedding and the allergy-friendly factor we’ve intentionally bred for is key. For a family that is looking for a dog with an inherent great temperament, to be a therapy dog, or for those with allergies, this is priceless.

Just like adults and children need to see a doctor at different points in life, our dogs and puppies have to see Veterinarians to stay healthy. Vaccines and deworming medicines play a big part in ensuring our clients that they are buying a healthy puppy.

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