Health Guarantee / Purchase Agreement / Spay-Neuter Contract

Read and sign the agreement below. You will receive a copy of this agreement with the seller's signature in your puppy package!

There are a handful of breeders that offer a 2-year Genetic Health Guarantee; Bernedoodle Bliss is one of those breeders. We stand behind all of our puppies with a 2-year Genetic Health Guarantee. We are committed to providing our new puppy owners with a happy, healthy well-rounded companion. We maintain the best vaccination protocol from our veterinarian, the cleanest living quarters, a happy, healthy and stimulating environment for our dogs and puppies.

While in our care our puppies are vaccinated against the following:

  • parvovirus
  • distemper
  • adenovirus
  • parainfluenza

While in our care the puppies will be de-wormed at 2,4,6, and 8 weeks of age and a fecal test will be done at 7 weeks to check for parasites. Our veterinarian administers the 6-week vaccines along with a nose-to-tail wellness check-up. We feed our dogs and puppies a high-quality diet and we recommend the buyer to continue this for the best health of their puppy. Good nutrition is very important for a growing puppy and on through adulthood.

We require your puppy to be seen by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of taking possession of the puppy to bind this Health Guarantee. If at that time a problem is found that is life-threatening we need to be contacted immediately and copies of the Vet report supplied to Bernedoodle Bliss. If the Breeder is found to be at fault we will replace your puppy with a pup from a current or future litter. Additionally, if within 2 years your puppy develops a genetic disorder we reserve the right to have a second opinion from a vet of our choice and if both vets agree (an autopsy may be needed) we will replace your puppy with a pup from a current litter or a future litter. This Health Guarantee does not cover virus or bacteria causing illness, nor does it cover coccidia or giardia as these are parasites that can be common to puppies. Bordetella, any air born illness or any easily treatable illness is not covered by this Health Guarantee. Hernias or incorrect bites are not covered as these are not life-threatening to the puppy.

Breeder Tip: Avoid pet stores, dog parks, rest areas, etc. I know you want to share and show off your new fur baby, but it really is best for your puppy’s health to avoid these places until the puppy is completely immunized.

We are always here for our puppy parents with a lifetime breeder's support and are dedicated to the well-being of the puppy before and after it goes to it's new forever home.

Bernedoodle Bliss can assume no responsibility for this puppy after leaving our care for any medical expense, death, allergies, training difficulties, behavior issues, coat, color, conformation, etc.

Any litigation resulting from the sale/purchase of this puppy can only be heard in the courts of White County, Arkansas.

All of our puppies here at Bernedoodle Bliss are sold as pets only. No breeding rights. We have the right of refusal, for any reason at any given time towards any adoption. The puppy will be spayed/neutered by a licensed Veterinarian at 12 months of age. Buyers must send proof of this to Bernedoodle Bliss on the Veterinarian's letterhead. If proof isn't sent by the time the puppy is 13 months old the Health Guarantee is void entirely. At this point, we will assume the dog is being used for breeding and the buyer then will owe breeder $7,000 for breeding rights.

If this puppy is given or sold to a new owner within the first 2 years of the sale date, this Health Guarantee is void entirely. The average lifespan of a dog is 12 to 15 years. Please be sure you are ready to commit and give this puppy all the love and basic training it will need. In return, you will have a precious, sweet, and above all, a loving companion.

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