Most dog owners would agree that having a four-footed companion who loves them unconditionally brings a tremendous amount of joy to their lives.

If you’ve got the time and lifestyle to include a dog in your life, it’s time to explore some of the benefits of owning a dog. Here are five reasons why life is better with a dog.

Dogs Get You Moving

Dogs require daily exercise, and so do you! While it can be challenging to motivate ourselves to exercise regularly alone, when our dog needs a walk, we don’t think about it twice.

Dog owners are responsible for walking and caring for them, so it only makes sense that dog people tend to be healthier and more active. So, if you want to improve your health and fitness, adopting a furry friend is a good start.

They Teach Us Valuable Skills

Whether they’re eating a bowl of kibble or chasing a ball, dogs enjoy even the simplest things in life. Besides teaching us to love unconditionally, and to live in the present moment, training a dog requires time, patience, and effort – valuable things in life.

Children can also learn a lot from their four-footed friends. Remembering to feed, provide water, and clean up after a dog can teach children a lot about responsibility. For seniors, caring for a dog gives them both companionship and a sense of independence.

Dogs Increase Your Mood Dramatically

Your dog does more to your brain and body than you might think. Simply petting an animal increases your brain’s dopamine levels and serotonin, which can reduce stress and boost your mood. Moreover, spending just half an hour with your pup can help you feel calmer and happy.

They Are Brilliant Companions

It’s impossible to feel lonely with your furry friend by your side. Dog’s unconditional love, companionship, and constant entertainment help stave off social isolation. Most dogs are highly social and will always enjoy your company. There is nothing better than coming home and knowing your dog is there to greet you.

Dogs Make Us More Social

Besides needing playtime with their humans, dogs need time to socialize with other dogs too. Overseeing a puppy playdate, going on a walk in the neighborhood, or visiting the dog park are great opportunities to meet new people.

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